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Visualize spatial data in Realtime.

Is mobile Application, which helps you to Create, Manage schedule the events, Programs, Activities, Maintenance, Training’s on Field. GeoProgram Manager Controls and monitors and track all these activities in real time and helps to improve the business efficiency. It integrates program management to reduce reliance on paper and provides everyone with access to the authoritative data they need. This helps you reduce errors, boost productivity, and save cost.

Schedule Spatially and Execute Spatially

Real-time Updates

Create the new Events, Programs in Real time and share it with the intended audience on single click. GeoProgram Manager Ensures  the right things to  happen at right place and right time. The right worker goes to the right place with the right tools to do the right job. And, because everyone is working from the same right data, it  avoids costly manmade errors and inefficiencies and boost the productivity and saves the cost.

Analyse patterns

Analyse where field staff have been to gain greater understanding. Verify that allocated regions  were fully covered and discover areas that may be missing or redundant. More accurately assess the integrity of grid patterns when performing map-based search operations

Dynamic Changes

Real time updates helps you to plan fieldwork event when there is the small change in the Program schedule. When priorities change due to unanticipated events, you are ready to respond. You have a clear view of task priorities and field staff locations to get things quickly back on track.

Know where everyone is

See where your personnel are at any time. Accurately identify the nearest field personnel to respond to unplanned events. Be assured that field personnel are on task and that you have them dispersed for adequate coverage of the relevant area.

Manage from Anywhere

GeoProgram Manager Mobile app helps you to manage and stay connected with the program from anywhere. You don’t need to be at the office or near to your system. Our Notification  module will give you alert at the right time whenever it needs your attention.

Smart Program Management

GeoProgram Manager helps you to streamline the process of managing and assigning location based programs, it saves time for everyone. Fieldworkers also  receive assignments through smart devices even when not in office. Field workers carry their maps and assignments on smartphones  making it easy and convenient for them to stay organized, report progress and stay productive. Say No to paper-based processes  that caused too many errors and inefficiencies.

Improved Performance and reliability

Implementing Smart program management and Realtime updates helps you to improve the performance and reliability. This will enable organization to build trust with your customers through consistency in the completion of fieldwork. Effective project management, with real-time insight into field activities, gives you the power to meet SLA and business commitments.

Customization on demand

Our expert Development team is available for all of  your business needs. We discuss and understand your business needs and help you by developing a dedicated hot fix model for your organization needs.

Training and Implementation

Our Technical expert, trainers  is just a call away. Our experts work closely with the Organization for a successful implementation of your Project. We not only implement the product however also suggest the better approaches, mechanisms for a successful project implementation.

Product Support

We simply love helping our customer issues. We understand how support plays an important role in success of every project. We have a dedicated support staff to understand the issues that your organization is facing in using the GeoProgram product suit.