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Anybody can scan spatially

A data collection app for Mobile, makes it easy to scan accurate spatial data and send it to the office in real time. Field staff, Surveyors  use their existing  mobile devices to scan  and edit data the spatial data. GeoScanner works even in Offline mode and integrates seamlessly  once the device gets the internet connectivity.

Spatial Scanner

Spatial data Collection Works for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime.

All the registered users can  scan and edit the assets, resources spatially in any environment. Data collections is not limited to internet, Our GeoScanner works even when internet is not available, especially in remote areas. All the collected data and be sync as soon as the internet connectivity is available.

Spatial Scanner

GeoScanner uses your device’s location service to identify and verify your allocated area. Our Unique Geofencing approach ensues a user to  work in his designated  geographical area which will ensures to scanned the accurate spatial information associated with the assets or resources data.

Customization on demand

Our expert Development team is available for all of  your business needs. We discuss and understand your business needs and help you by developing a dedicated hot fix model for your organization business needs.

Training and Implementation

Our Technical expert, trainers  is just a call away. Our experts work closely with the Organization for a successful implementation of your Project. We not only implement the product however also suggest the better approaches, mechanisms for a successful project implementation.

Product Support

We simply love helping our customer issues. We understand how support plays an important role in success of every project. We have a dedicated support staff to understand the issues that your organization is facing in using the GeoSets product suit.

Accurate Spatial data collection

GeoScanner  has  rich and very simple user interface, designed to be operated by any surveyor or Field staff having no technical background. Our  map-driven forms helps surveyor to capture accurate spatial data  and can be sent back to the back office staff for further processing. For any of your business assets, resource you can capture all the associated information as well as captures the Photos, Records the videos and stores spatially without having any technical knowledge.

Maintain Data Integrity

GeoScanner  has strong user management module and the extensive support of Geofencing. Every user has been separated from Geographical boundaries and the assets or the resource types which ensures the organization to maintain data integrity. Additionally, Every Surveyor or a Field staff  has a unique workflow which is connected to the backend staff which avoids the confusion of assigning the area allocation to designated user only. GeoScanner send the data  directly into  back office, so everyone, in the field and the office, works from the same accurate data.

Say No To Papers

Get rid of your existing manual processes of collecting field data using paper forms and putting more resources to transform the data in to different systems, this process is quite time and resources consuming.

GeoScanner streamlines these traditional workflows, using existing smart phones which everyone caries of their usage. GeoScanner is supported on all the smart phones which reduces cost to bring the spatial data seamlessly to office.